What does a pastor do?


If you are reading this, you are probably part of our church family at Eternal Rock.  Welcome!  That is a big deal and it is big deal to me that I get to be your pastor.   Technically, “pastor” is just and old English word for shepherd.  The idea is that just like a regular shepherd cares for, encourages, looks after and on occasion admonishes, sheep, so I am called, by you, to care for, encourage, look after and (sometimes admonish) in order to take care of your spiritual needs.  Let me give a couple of examples:

You are in the hospital and you are sick, I can stop by to encourage you with God’s promises in Christ.

You have a baby, I usually stop by to check in and help you get started with the baptism process.

You are facing a difficult decision, I can meet and talk about what are the are the Biblical principals that are pertinent to your decision. For example, you parents are near the end of their life or you are facing a new job.

You are looking to be growing in your faith (always a good thing!) God does this through the study of his Word. How do I help? Not only do I focus on God’s Word for us to grow together on Sunday, but I am more than happy to point in the right direction or even order some great biblical resources.

Be a confidential ear to listen to a personal confession that is weighing you down.

Offer pre-marriage or post-marriage counseling.

Admonishment?  I am guessing this may have made you bristle just a little. Don’t worry, it makes a bit uncomfortable writing it.  This is one of the harder parts of my job because I know my own sinfulness and shortcomings.  However, sin is a dangerous thing. Even a little sin can infect the whole person.  Also, you never know what sin may take someone’s heart from God.  By discipline or admonishment, I simply mean accountability.  The Bible encourages us to regularly confess our sins and trust in Jesus for forgiveness, it also encourages us to talk to people we care about who are wrapped up in sin.  As such, one of my responsibilities as a pastor to “spiritually admonish” members who are in habitual sin.

Partner with you when you have kids to raise them up in the Lord.

Help answer any questions you may have about the Bible.  Really, text, call or email me anytime.

This, of course, is just a short list, but hopefully you have some idea how I can be helpful.

In Him,


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