How do I study the Bible?


This is a great question. There are a ton of resources for studying God’s Word. However, I think that might be the biggest problem. If there was only book to read, I think we would be in pretty good shape. Get book-read book. However, there are literally hundreds of Bible translations, not to mention the thousands of devotional books.

Where to start? I see four possible ideas:

  1. Open your Bible and read a little each day.  I know, I know, some of you are driven people, so you like to try to knock off the whole thing. We are in this for the long game…take a breath and take in a little of God’s Word each day.
  2. Subscribe to a few “quick hit” type email devotions.  I like the videos at  or the simple devotions from both sites make it super-easy to subscribe to the regular emails.
  3. Jot down thoughts, prayers ideas or questions you may have so you can remember them or ask questions/investigate later on.
  4. Pray before or after your regular devotion time.  Regular is important. For me, I try not to have my first sip of coffee before I read some in my Bible.

Hope this helps, if you are looking for resources, please reach out,


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