Restaurant Week & Friends

If you and your friends have never enjoyed Restaurant Week, it is about time you do.  Many of the most exclusive restaurants in Denver open their doors for a set price or $60 per couple. Being, well, ah…as frugal as I am, we made sure to go to one of the most expensive restaurants on the list-The Capital Grille. This is the real deal. It has perfect steaks, woodwork all over the place, delicious dessert, a wine list that a huge wine list, assistant waiters with matching jackets, hot after-dinner-towels, tiny crumb brushes for the table cloth. (I think the French term for this is Le Seriously?)

 On top of all of this, there is the wine corking ceremony.  If you are unfamiliar, here a basic run down from someone who has witnessed it all of twice: First, you order the wine (the most expensive bottle was something like $600 and the lowest bottle was $28). So not to embarrass myself, I selected something closer to the middle…$30.  Next, the waiter opens the bottle at the table. Then the waiter smells the bottle. Then he hands you the cork to smell, while he is putting a taste in your glass. Then you swirl it, give it another smell and finally test it. Then, if it is satisfactory, you give the OK for the pouring to continue. This seemed slightly over the top for our particular bottle of wine, but I was thankful Chris went through the trouble.   In the end, we felt special.

This is not a normal dinner for Aimee and me or the ten friends that joined us. Despite the surroundings and circumstances, I think one of the best things about having friends is that you only feel out of place for a minute. It is not long before you start to enjoy their company rather than notice what is happening around you.  I am not sure what heaven will be like with all the feasts that the Bible promises, but I know you will be with friends and the greatest of those will be Jesus. “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” John 15:15

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