Eternal Rock Brief History

2009–September–The WELS Board for Home Missions decides to fund the exploratory mission in Castle Rock, Colorado.  This decision is based on funding and the presence of an interested core group of families that live in and around Castle Rock.

2010–May–Pastor Jared Oldenburg, at the time serving the church he started in Covington, WA, accepts the call to serve as the church planter for the Castle Rock Mission.

2010–July–Pastor Oldenburg arrives with his family (wife, Aimee and three kids Isabella, Paytra & Owen).

2010–August–first mission meeting to discuss schedule and general goals for the mission.  It is determined that the group will meet every other week and read/study together the book Essential Church.  The first meeting had 20 adults.

2010-September–New name!  Eternal Rock Lutheran Church. The other finalists were Rock of Life and Christ Our Rock.  New website is launched at the same month as well as a serving Castle Rock task force.

2010–October–Serving Castle Rock task force starts the process of a “Community Needs Assessment” and makes plans to interview community officials and serve the community.

2011–January–Launch meeting at Castle Oaks Covenant Church.  Monthly meetings focused on Worship, Grow, Serve & Reach.

2011–July–First “preview service” at Castle Rock Middle School. These services are once a month in order to test equipment and facilities.  The window between services allow us time to make changes or order new/different equipment.

2011–September–First Service weekly worship service  at Castle Rock  Middle.  Forty-five people in attendance.

2011–October–First Grow Group semester starts.  Studies are based on the sermon from that Sunday. We have three Grow Groups.

2011–December–We have our first “Serve Sunday” on Christmas Eve morning (Sunday).  We made 1000 lunches for the homeless in Denver.


  • JAN-Rock Kids begins (Sunday School). Our children’s program that meets every Sunday (except the first Sunday we have family church) after the children’s message until 11:15am.
    • Monthly individual meetings/training with coordinators begins (leadership development)
    • “Go public” with more advertising
      • Mailing of 6000 postcards for the Sundays in Lent and another 6000 for Easter
      • Facebook advertising
      • Increased encouragement for members to invite friends.
  • JUNE-Organized canvasing with church members and MLC students
  • OCTOBER-Over 35 signed up for fall Grow Group Semester
    • Over 100 people attend Christmas Eve Worship
    • Welcome 10 new members
    • Started researching land and building options


  • February-Over 40 signed up for our 4 different Grow Groups
  • March–Our get to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection with our most attended service to date!

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