My family and I went to the circus yesterday.  This is my first experience with a Barnum & Bailey quality circus. It is pretty impressive.  With nine elephants, live band, singing ring master, and a host of performers performing things I am sure I could never do, it was easily the best circus I have ever witnessed.  In the past I have made it to a few local circus performances. Most of these were a one part entertainment and 12 parts determining how long it would take me personally to learn how to perform the same skills (some came down to less than an hour).  The bad news for yesterday’s circus was that we were almost on the top row of the Denver Coliseum–so we wished we were a little closer to all the acts with the obvious exception of the clowns. Once you see the real deal, it is pretty obvious they are incredible at what they do–even the clowns seems creepier than the local circus.

Seven motorcyclists in a steel globe, three people in a small glass box, acrobats on stilts launched through the air and landing it–once you see the real deal everything else pales in comparison.  Our goal as a congregation is to let the world who has never known grace to see the real deal.  They may think they know forgiveness or love or peace-but in the end, compared to Jesus’, it all pales.


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