The Corn Palace-Wonder of the World?

Good news–we have picked a name for our church, Eternal Rock, and I think we found one that is pretty unique.  I figure it will not be too long before we are on the first page when you google “Eternal Rock.”  Uniqueness is good.

When I was a kid we went to Mitchell, South Dakota to visit the famous Corn Palace.  If you are not familiar, the Corn Palace is an event center that is covered in corn murals that are switched out each year.  The murals themselves are actually fairly intricate and interesting.  On the website the Corn Palace boasts, “The World’s Only Corn Palace!”  This is where it gets interesting.  Normally, in reference to world records or innovation, to be the first and only is a pretty big deal. To be the world’s only company with a cure for cancer would be unbelievable–even if it was only for the time it took to file patents.  Can we even count how many companies are trying for that cure?
After Roger Bannister broke the mythical four-minute mile barrier, it was only weeks before another athlete, John Landy, was able to beat Bannister’s time.  People around the world wanted that record.  The Corn Palace has been in its present location for almost 90 years–and believe it or not, still no duplicates. This could mean that it is so vast, wonderful and amazing that no single town on the whole planet has been able to duplicate this feat. Or, it could be when people call it a “wonder of the world” it is more along the lines, “I wonder what in the world they were thinking.”  Then again, we are talking about it.

Uniqueness can be fleeting.  It seems as soon as someone does something, it is not too long before it is duplicated a hundredfold. If you are the “world’s only” it is either because other people can’t do what you do or other people just don’t want to do what you did (think “The Lizard Man” Erik Sprague).   Jesus is truly unique.  Jesus has been the only one to live a perfect life for the last 2000 years.  Jesus is not “the world’s only” because no one else wants to be perfect–we all try. Jesus is the “world’s only perfect human” because no one else can do it.  He is the Alpha and the Omega of perfection.  He is the first, the last and the only person to have ever lived a life without sin.  That alone is worth our praise.  That alone is unique.

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